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MariaFamily Nutrition Clinic was founded in 1998 by Maria M Griffiths, Registered Nutritional Therapist based in West Sussex, England.

The Clinic operates on the principles that getting the diet right, the body can get on with the job of protecting and nourishing itself.

Although daily there are many influences and onslaughts on our health, the wisdom that is programmed in our wonderful bodies tends to prevail, and often circumvents many of these onslaughts. When this does not happen, we experience illness or ill health.

Many of today’s health issues can be traced back to diet, and so the Clinic emphasises the health and well-being of all the family through diet and life-style changes.

Maria has a strong interest in helping young people with Autism and the Clinic is also a centre for Biomedical approach to Autism and follows the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol.

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